Audiology & Hearing
San Antonio ENT

Balance & Hearing

San Antonio ENT added Audiology services to the practice in 1996 to offer our patients a multi-disciplinary approach. State of the art equipment is used for assessment and treatment.

All but balance function assessments may be scheduled at each of our locations.  Balance function testing is performed at our Hamilton Wolfe location.


As a service to our patients, we offer the following tests:

  • Comprehensive Hearing Test for All Ages
  • Neurological Tests for Hearing Health
  • Balance Function Assessment
  • Hearing Aid Assessment and Rehabilitation

Hearing Aids

In the mid-1990’s, 100% digital hearing aid technology was released. This technology revolutionized the hearing health care industry. The microchip of the hearing aid takes in sounds and quickly converts them into a series of numbers (digital). These numbers are quickly processed and arranged many million times per second. When the processed sounds reach the wearer’s ear, soft sounds are made audible, loud sounds are made comfortable, and background noise is reduced, automatically.

Patient Forms

The following forms are available for download in PDF format. To view or print these forms you will need the free Adobe Reader from Adobe Systems, Inc. installed on your computer.


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