Hearing Aid Technology and Hearing Health

Hearing Aid Technology

In the mid-1990’s, fully digital hearing aid technology was released. This technology revolutionized the hearing health care field. The microchip within the hearing aid transforms natural sounds into digital numbers that become processed sounds. These processed sounds make soft sounds audible, loud sounds much more comfortable, and eliminate background noise. Also, hearing devices can reduce tinnitus by appropriate masking and programming.

Hearing Health

Our Hearing health and hearing aid services have evolved to address the incidence of hearing loss and its link to dementia, depression, and heart disease.

Our Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists work alongside our ENT providers to ensure our patients receive the best hearing health outcome. These hearing specialists are specifically trained to perform thorough hearing tests and assessments for hearing aids and devices. Our specialists seek to restore a smile to those who have not ‘heard’ for some time.

Our staff can perform custom fitting for patients, with any type of hearing loss and with the level of technology that best supports their lifestyle. We offer the best in the latest styles, technology levels and brands to suit you. Our value added proposition is unique and cannot be delivered by wholesale retail stores or chain hearing centers. We look forward to partnering with our patients on their improved hearing journey


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