Allergy and Sinus Care

Allergy Testing and Treatment

Our ENT providers care for patients who suffer from allergies. We offer an allergy skin test via a multiprick device that allows our allergy staff to determine skin’s reactions to the allergen extract. We also offer a blood test in order to test for pollen, other irritants and certain foods.

Along with testing, we offer treatment for allergies at all of our locations. Besides therapy with medications, we can improve long-term sufferers by providing immunotherapy, either by allergy injections or by allergy drops (SLIT).

Sinus Care

Our ENT providers also care for all sinus conditions. We can help diagnose conditions by performing an endoscopy of the nose and sinus drainage as well as performing a CT Scan of the sinus in our office. Our medical care includes utilizing oral medications as well as prescribing sinus rinse with medications. In addition, we offer in-office procedures to help patients suffering from sinus and allergic conditions, as well as advanced surgical care.

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